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iKnow is an Electronics Repair Shop that specialize in Computer, Phone, and Tablet repairs. We are globally known for our advanced micro-soldering services, motherboard repairs, and data recovery.

We do everything from basic device screen replacements, to advanced No-Power motherboard repairs. Most of the advanced micro-soldering repairs that we do are not something done by your average repair shop.


When you come to us, we know you’re already having a bad day. That’s why our team is dedicated to giving you a reliable service that’s affordable without compromising on the quality and training. Come visit us today for a free diagnostic analysis and get your device issue fixed on the spot – or schedule a time online.


We’re so confident in our repairs process that we offer a lifetime warranty on all repairs. When you come to visit us, you’re looking for peace of mind – and that’s what we deliver today, tomorrow, and after.

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